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Our Story

Brand Story for Northeast of Austin:

Origin Story: "Northeast of Austin was born out of a deep-seated love for college football and a passion for the epic upcoming rivalry between the University of Tennessee and the University of Texas to determine who really is the Real UT. Our founder, a die-hard Tennessee fan, noticed a lack of high-quality, rivalry-focused apparel and decided to fill that gap."

Mission: "Our mission is to unite University of Tennessee fans through top-notch apparel that celebrates the intensity and pride of their rivalry with Texas."

Vision: "We envision a world where every Tennessee fan can proudly showcase their team spirit, fostering a sense of community and tradition that transcends generations."

Challenges and Triumphs: "From the early days of sourcing the perfect fabrics to designing unique, eye-catching apparel, we've faced numerous challenges. But our dedication to quality and our love for the game have always driven us forward."

Emotional Connection: "At Northeast of Austin, we don't just sell apparel; we sell a piece of the rivalry. Each product is a symbol of the passion, loyalty, and camaraderie that define Tennessee fans. When you wear our gear, you're not just a fan; you're part of a family."

Relatable Characters: "Meet Jane, a lifelong Tennessee fan whose game day rituals are legendary. Jane's story is just one of many that inspire us to keep doing what we do."

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